How to Get Likes on Facebook Page | Get 1000 Likes in 2 Days

Promoting your brand on Facebook is know every person want but they want to increase the audience of his page and they still search for how to get likes on facebook page. It can promote you any business within a shorter time.

In June 2017, Facebook has 2 billion users and 60 million users active every time then why people can ignore his brand to promote on facebook such a massive audience.  1 percent of that is 20 million users and if you target them in the right way, it’s huge and now people make money from facebook pages.

In this guide, we will share some tips of Facebook marketing, that how you can increase facebook page likes. I got 1000 likes in just 2 days with a new page. you have to put some valuable content according to your audience interest.

Here are the tips that How to get likes on facebook page.

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How to Get Likes on Facebook Page- 9 Killer Tips
Post valuable content:
The best way to get facebook likes by sharing valuable content because it is the best way to interact with your followers.  If you continue you’re publishing your valuable content then there are many chances your page has gone rank.

So how you can get the idea what type of content like your audience? For this, you have to spend a week to publish a different content on your page and then check them which type of post get more likes, comments, and shares. These things will ensure you which content is best for your page.

Be educational: People love these content which provides guides and tips. Don’t forget to share the content which provides some tips and guides which easily follow and valid source.
Be entertaining: Share the entertaining content with your followers(sharing the videos or pics of cats, dogs etc). make sure it works for your audience but don’t overdo this because it can against your valuable content( try to avoid from over posting of these stupid cat memes.
Keep it short: If you put the shorter content then it can be more likable because Facebook is like the community in which people wants to easily understand the tweet. Your post should be 100 character which is visible on the board including a picture. This thing performs better for your audience.
Share the content on engaging groups:
This can grow your page more fastly and it will work for your page if you build it new. As I tell you to share the valuable content then it’s time to share them with groups. I use this tips and I got 1000+ likes in just 2 days.

how to get likes on facebook page

If you only target this tip on your page, it will get give you thousands of likes in a week but you have to do a normally not spammy.

how to get likes on facebook page

Include a call to action:
Use call to action words in your post which engage the users with your post because it can give more chances to comment on your posts. Commenting on post can grow any post fastly from other posts.

Craft a great Page:
This point maybe you understand if any page looks professional and more decent, you will follow them. It makes sure your page fully complete with all necessary things e.g. cover picture, profile, and Bio.

The about section can allow you to provide the main theme of your page about business. The people who search the info which you already sharing in your page then its more easy for people to easily find you. In addition, you can add the contact list of your business and the milestones of your brand.

how to get likes on facebook page

If you want to get likes on a facebook page, you have to update your profile and cover page which looking more professional.

Choose compelling cover and profile photos
how to get likes on facebook page

Profile image size for different devices:
Profile size:
170×170 pixels for Computers.
128×128 for Smartphones.
Cover Size:
820×312 for Computers.
640×340 for smartphones.
If you create your page more professional then there is an option of cover video instead of a cover photo which duration at least 20 seconds.

Be active:
Get facebook page likes is not just optimize your page by uploading the decent profile and cover page, you have to need an active to publish your content continuously.

It’s not mean to publish educational or entertaining content on your page, you have to engage with your followers, try to ask a question and start the discussion on your page. Try to reply on a comment section.

Invite Friends to like your page:
Your friend can give you more audience for your page and grow your business. Add those people on your profile who interesting in your content.

There is the option on facebook page which can use to invite your friend to like them and you can tell them to invite their friend to also like them.

Use eye-catching images: How to get likes on facebook page
Images are the most sharing piece of content on any social media that’s why Instagram and interest do as well. Share your text with eye-catching photos and videos which can give more attention to your followers.

How to get likes on facebook page

Create a memorable name for a page:
If you want to get likes on your post then make sure your page name should be easy to remember and related to your brand.

Use these words in your page name which is mostly searched on Facebook. It can grow your page consistently.

Using promotion:
If you have a budget to grow your page then you can use the promotion and You can use the promotion on facebook which can reach your post to your targeted audience on package based.

another way you can get facebook page likes from different freelancing sites, e.g. fiverr. You can get 10k to 15k likes in just $5.

Final words: How to get likes on facebook page
If you want to know how to get more likes on facebook page you have to optimize your profile, publishing valuable content, be active and using a call to action words on your post. These tiny tips can grow your page that many people ignore but it works for your page to grow.

I hope you bitterly understand how to get likes on a facebook page and you will ignore your page using these tips.