How To Make Money Google Adsense | Step By Step Complete Guide

Earn money from internet is one of the most searched keywords on Google and all the way of earn money from internet Adsense is also discussed method of earning but the question is that how to make money Google Adsense.

Don’t worry this guide will help you all details adsense how to make money.

If you have a skill of content creation or content writer and you want to do a part-time earn through these skills then the Google Adsense is the perfect earning program for you.

There are several articles on How to make money Google Adsense but why you should read this article because in this guide we share you all these important guides from creating a blog to approving your Adsense account and how to derive traffic to your website which will help you to make a good amount of money.

Before moving towards the actual topics, let’s know about Google AdSense and why you should select the Google AdSense to earn money and what is google adsense.

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how to make money google Adsense- A Complete Guide
What is google adsense?
Google AdSense is the program from which you make money by monetizing your blog without any cost. You can earn through different ads that appear on your site if any visitors will click on them you will earn by click through ratio.

Click through the ratio is the ration that how many visitors visit your site and among all these visitors how many of them click on that ads.

Why should you select the Google Adsense because it is the choice of 2 million publishers and in 2015, Google paid to their publisher $10B.

There are some features of Google AdSense:
Google gives you the authority that where you can place your ads on your site according to your own theme customization.
Google Adsense is mobile friendly and all the ads which you place for desktop users will also appear the same for mobile users.
One of the best features is that you can create the ads which is according to your content and Google will show these kinds of ads which is matched with your content.
Types of AdSense accounts:
People also asking about the type of google adsense, and the difference between individual and business AdSense account.

So the answer is that There is no difference but the structure of payments if you have a business account the earn will be made out to the company or your name if you have an individual account.

One thing you should remember this, If you select once any account type e.g. you select the business account then you cannot change them to individual account unless you create a new account.

What is the eligibility criterion to participate in AdSense:
There are following points regarding for eligibility for participation in Google:

You should have a website on which you share some content or you have a youtube channel on which you share own original videos.
Google share some policies for content creator and content writer who should follow these otherwise google have rights to remove the ads from your blog pages and you will ineligible to further participate from that account further.
Google also mentioned In his terms and condition that your site domain name should be 6 months old but this is not a common reason. If you providing quality content, your site will approve In less than 6 months.
The user who participates for Google Adsense should be 18 years old before applying for Adsense.

How to apply for AdSense account?
Applying for google adsense is simple, there are following steps that you can follow to register for google adsense.

Go to
In Google Adsense interface, you have to click on the signup button.
How to make money wordpress adsense approval trick how to make money from website earn money online

After clicking on the signup button then there will the option of site entering, enter your site in the text field.
How to make money wordpress adsense approval trick how to make money from website earn money online

You can select if you want that Google will send you about customized help and performance suggestion.
How to make money wordpress adsense approval trick how to make money from website earn money online

After that process, you have to fill out contact information.
How to make money wordpress adsense approval trick how to make money from website earn money online

Accept and review the terms and condition.
How to verify the Google AdSense account?
After applying for Google Adsense then there is a process of that how to verify your account.

Login in your account that you created.
After login, click on my ads in a left navigation bar.
Then there will be the interface that shows you and fill out all relative detail and submit the application.
After submitting the application there will be code that you put into your site header.
How to get AdSense account approved?
While getting Adsense approval is somehow tricky for newbies but don’t worry here we share these entire Adsense approval trick which can help you approve your site for the first attempt.

For Adsense approval, buy the domain name with dot com(TLD domain) will help you to approve your site fastly.
Add contact pages and legal pages (e.g. about us, contact us, privacy policy and disclaimer pages) to your blog.
Try to write your content in the English language to target the audience globally, these kinds of the blog have 90% approval.
Share the unique and helpful content and Google won’t approve these sites who publish copyright content. Make sure your content 100% unique.
Design clean and elegant and easy to navigate themes for a blog. Make sure the pages and categories easy to access by visitors.
Use unique logo and favicon for your site.
Don’t use the copyright images.
Adding email address In the contact page that’s will ensure the google the person who applies for Adsense is it actually you or any other.
If you want to read detail about how to approve Adsense account then the following linked article will help you to approve your account with the first attempt.

Google AdSense Approval Trick | Fully approved with first Attempt

What should you do after Adsense approval:
After Adsense approval, you have to put the add code to your website.

Following are the steps to insert your ad code on your website.

Go to the AdSense account.
Click on My ad.
Then click on ad unit.
Here you will see the button for creating an ad.
From this, you can create the ad according to your site interface.
Verify your Google pin code:
After reaching to $10 in your AdSense account then Google will send you to pin code on your address that will verify your identity. Make sure the address should be correct.

If you do not receive your pin code due to some reason, don’t worry you have 3 chances to request for the pin code.

Make sure you identify your address in 4 months after the payment threshold to $10 otherwise Google will remove your ads from your website pages.

  How much can I earn from AdSense?
There are a lot of factors that depend on your earning from Google AdSense e.g. the number of visitors that visit your site, the type of ads that Google show on your website and how much advertisers pay for a specific type of keyword which you target on your content.

Let me clarify my statement there is the game of CPC (Cost Per Click) in Google AdSense if the clicks come from these developed countries the CPC rate will be high and if the visitors clicks lead your site from underdeveloped countries will be low.

As we can see that Pakistan is an underdeveloped country that’s why Pakistan CPC rate is 84% less than the United States.

There are other bid types which are CPM (Cost per Impression), In that case, the advertiser will pay you fixed rate prices without the number of clicks.

A word of warning: How to make money Google Adsense
If you think you will earn easily from google adsense and you can ask your friend and click by yourself on your website advertisement, kindly don’t do that. Google is one of the pure advertisement programs and they cannot accept these kinds of google.

If you think you are using tricks and you will click on the advertisement and earn money easily then you are wrong, Google is a dad of you. Google analyzes your traffic by impression and clicks and if your CPC is high from ratio then Google can disable your account and there are no chances that Google will reactivate your account.

How to withdraw money from AdSense?
After reaching the $100 threshold, this time you can withdraw your amount through the following ways:

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)
Wire transfer (through a bank)
Western Union Quick Cash.
For setting your payment detail for withdrawing, you have to go through the following process:

Go to Settings
Click Payments
Go to Manage Payment Methods
Go to ‘Add Payment Method’.
For withdrawing amount through the bank(wire transfer) Google needs following things to set up your payment method:

Account holder name.
Bank name.
SWIFT-BIC (with 8 to 11 characters):
4 letter bank code
2 letter country code
letter location code
3 letter branch code (optional)
IBAN (XX1100110101000010001111111P1)
How to make a website and how to make money google adsense:
As Google mentioned in his eligibility criteria that you should have a blog or website to apply for Google AdSense so after the guideline of adsense there is a simple guide how to make a website and how to make money Google AdSense.

Let’s Start

There are different platforms that you can use to make your own blog. In these platforms,  you can create a blog in a simple way:

There are top two blogging platforms are follows :

you can read Comparison between WordPress vs blogger.

If you will ask me which platform should I select to make my blog so the suggestion that I give you? If you are newbie first you create the blog on and do some practices related to SEO.

The question is that why I tell you to select the, the reason is that is not expensive. You can simply start the blog without any investment such as buying a hosting.

If you want to know which platform I should select below is the article in which I give guidelines with pros and cons regarding these three top blogging platforms.

Top 3 Best blogging sites | Honest Opinion with Pros and Cons

 How to make a website on WordPress:
WordPress is one of the best platforms by using more than 130,000+ people for making their individual or company website and you can make your successful blog.

Why you should go with WordPress, the only reason is that it’s user-friendly and if you face any problem regarding your blog, you can solve by their plugins which can make your word easy.

So what things required to establish a blog on WordPress are followed:
Domain Name
Domain name is the address of your blog that you can use for your blog( e.g. There are many domain registrars that you can use to register your blog.

There are two domain registrars in nowadays:
If you want to detail about these two domain names and which domain name registrar is better for you. Here we create a complete detail article in which you can read about those domain registrars e.g. their services, Pricing, features, interface and support team.

Namecheap vs Godaddy.

So move toward the actual topic that how to make a website on WordPress. Using WordPress you have to buy hosting and domain name to access their advance feature e.g. using plugins and the many themes that they provide free.

Here we create complete detail article about how you can make your blog on WordPress and how you can install your WordPress site on hosting.

How to make a website on WordPress.

How to make a blog on blogger:
Every new blogger starts the blog on that’s why where we talking about creating a blog where the is first preference.

If you have no budget to create a blog on WordPress, don’t worry you are not alone, you can use a to establish a blog also.

Here are the beginner guides how you can create a blog on blogger:
Gothe main site of
Click on create a blog.
Creating a blog, you have to sign in with google account.
Then you will be the move to an interface where you have to enter the blog name, blog address( e.g. and the desired theme.

Add your post and start a work
How to make money wordpress adsense approval trick how to make money from website earn money online

If you have bought a domain name from GoDaddy or Namecheap, you have to enter the domain name.
But if you have not bought the domain name you will see the below error as shown in below image.
How to make money wordpress adsense approval trick how to make money from website earn money online

If you want to use custom themes for the blog then you should have to go with these three 5 killer themes.

Mash 2
Palki 2
Devil workshop
The Funk
Where to download it? Here is the link to download these themes for free to install on your blog.

free blogger templates responsive Download Now.

How to earn money without a website using Google AdSense:

How to make money Google Adsense via Youtube:

If you are not good at writing, then don’t worry, there is the best alternative of blogging where you can create a video on any topic and earn a good amount of money via Google Adsense.

You may also hear that there are many people who start their youtube channel on Youtube, share their videos and earn money in six digits with a youtube channel.

If you want to self-made celebrity and want to earn fame and money then you should thank to Youtube. If you are a good gamer, a good cook or any special thing which people wondering to search on Youtube, you can create a video about them.

But the question is how to earn money through Youtube via Google AdSense. Here is the simple and mini guide towards to make a Youtube channel and earn money.

The following steps you should follow for youtube how to make money Google adsense:
Signup with your Google account.
Go to the Youtube account setting into the left navigation panel.
And then click on create the channel.
How to make money wordpress adsense approval trick how to make money from website earn money online

And this step you have to set your channel name what you want to consider is best for your channel.
How to make money wordpress adsense approval trick how to make money from website earn money online

After this, you can see the page where all the details and setting regarding your channel will appear.
How to make money wordpress adsense approval trick how to make money from website earn money online

By clicking on a customized channel, you will be entered in the interface from where you can customize your youtube channel by adding channel art and channel logo.
What should be the size of the channel art and logo. Here is the detail about them.
After customizing your channel, here is the time to upload your video by clicking on upload.
But after uploading video, you should have a question about how to get views on Youtube videos. So don’t worry here I create complete article regarding all factors from you can get traffic in a real way. Mean Youtube SEO.

Below is the article in which I share all the details regarding video title, description, tags, and thumbnail.

Make sure your videos should be unique and not copyright or steal from other content creators.

Google AdSense approval for Youtube partner terms:

In 2017, Youtube updates his partner terms for Google AdSense. Following is the criteria for AdSense approval.

10,000 view on the channel.
1000 subscriber.
4000 watch time.
If you will share quality content with the daily base then this is not a big milestone for you if you have better how to know about Youtube SEO.

This is the complete guide of how to make money Google Adsense, let’s move towards the conclusion.

Final thoughts: How to make money Google Adsense
There are millions of sites which using Google AdSense to make money and if you want to really earn money then this guide of how to make money Google AdSense will help you more.

If you have any queries regarding how to make money Google AdSense then feel free to ask in the comment section.