How to Set up Your New Mac in a Right Way?

Setting up a new Mac is quick and easy but it is important to perform it in a right way. In this post, you will come to know how to set up your new Mac and get started.

Steps to Set up Your New Mac
1. Setup Assistant
When you start using the brand new Mac or you perform the installation of OS X, then you have to go through Set up Assistant. It allows you to create the first user account and specify the information such as keyboard layout or locale. It provides the privileges with an administrator account. Set up Assistant helps to connect the internet and legal documents that decide on your privacy settings. You should also check how to speed up Mac for better results.

2. Choose Your Wi-Fi Network
Your Mac attempts to join the most recent Wi-Fi network by default. If you are in the environment with the many networks available, you can set up your Mac to join preferred network by choosing the Apple menu> System Preferences then click Network. Click advanced in the Wi-Fi in the list at the left. In case you don’t find Wi-Fi then check the network wireless capability of Mac. If you want to add your network then add ‘’+’’ button and add the passwords as the network is protected by it. To delete the network click ‘’-‘’ button.

3. Transfer the Information

Use migration assistant for transferring the data by opening it which is in the utilities folder of your application folder. Click continue when asked how to transfer the data. Select the option of transfer from the Mac or Time Machine. Again click ‘continue’. If you are starting to migrate on your new Mac then when asked to select a Mac, Time Machine, back up or startup data, click the appropriate icon. Click ‘continue’ and you will get the security code to complete. You will be able to see the backups organized by date and time. Choose the backup you want to use and then click continue and select the information to transfer. If you have a lot of data to transfer then it may take several hours.

4. Enable Location Services
It helps to locate the position on earth. You have to provide the permissions to do this. The apple services such as Maps and Find My Friends make a good use of it. It is suggested to enable the location services on My Mac and continue. But still, it’s up to you to use this feature.

5. Setting up Your Mac with Apple ID
In order to purchase and download content from iTunes, you require an Apple ID. It is the account suitable to use the Apple services. In case, you have used icloud, or buy apps from Mac app store or items from the online store then you don’t need to create the Apple ID. Otherwise, you can create one by clicking a Free Apple ID. You may require the credit card to get the Apple ID. But it is really helpful to locate the missing Mac computer, through the password protection ability. It also enables you to use the apps from the Mac app store.

6. Terms and Conditions
You will be asked to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Go through it and agree to the terms and conditions. Set up iCloud and sign in. It may require your Apple ID. This helps in synching the contacts, calendars, web browser information, mail accounts, and note and provides you and allows you to store the documents in the 5 GB in a new iCloud drive. Enable setting the iCloud on Mac and click continue.

7. Accounts
You will finally ask to set up the accounts. You will need to fill full name field, account name, and passwords. Make sure you pick the password that is strong and easy to remember. You will get two options now to allow the Apple ID to reset the user’s password and you will require password during login. Keep these two options ticked on and click continue. You need to select the time zone. You can leave this option if you are already utilizing the location services. This can take your current location without setting any time zone. Otherwise, pick the zone and enter the new time zone.

8. Register Your Mac
It is a good idea to register the Mac with the Apple. You will get a lot of marketing emails from Apple but you can easily skip from it if you don’t want to get them.

The best thing you can do with your Mac is clicking on the updates on the App Store and updating all apps on the click. There is obviously some new software since the Apple Mac left the factory. It is a good idea to update all the apps and software before you actually start using the Mac.

That’s all about how to set up your new Mac. Don’t forget to share these tips with your friends on social media.